Kansas City-Style Barbecue Food Truck in Denver



The Classic SS70 BBQ

Frequently Asked Questions...

First and foremost, we love all styles of BBQ.  At Smokestack, we smoke with pecan, apple, and cherry wood.  Southern-style BBQ includes more hickory, mesquite, and oak wood flavors. 

Several menu items are inspired by KC BBQ Restaurants.  The George Brett is inspired by the Z-man Sandwich from Joe’s Kansas City.  Our best selling side, the cheesy corn bake, is inspired by Jack Stack BBQ’s side item.  

Lastly, each sandwich is served with a side of Gates Original BBQ sauce. “Hi, May I Help YOU?”  Kansas Citians believe the sauce is the boss!

This depends on the timeframe and menu. We are typically able to get food out very quickly without sacrificing the quality of the food. We can usually serve upwards of 2-300 people in 2-3 hours.

With over five years of catering and food truck experience, you can rest assured knowing we will take care of your party.  

We take pride in the following:

– Quality of food.  Our goal is consistency in mouth watering meaty deliciousness every day. 

– Service. We serve with a smile.  We are efficient so you and your guests will not wait long for their food.

Everything is gluten-free except our buns/bread. All sides, sauces, meats, etc. are gluten-free.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you so much for catering our Welcome Dinner. Everyone thought the food was amazing. I heard only rave reviews. The cheesy corn was a big hit. The evening went very smoothly and the servers were excellent.
Kristin S.
Cherry Hills Village
Smokestack 70 is the best BBQ food truck in Denver. These guys are awesome and the food is fantastic. They catered our rehearsal dinner for us and jumped through hoops to make it happen. The food and service were incredible.
Jeff A.
Outstanding BBQ with the right mix of sweet and spicy. The George Brett (Brisket, melted provolone, Gates BBQ sauce on a toasted bun) melted in my mouth, and the burnt edges gave the brisket an extra crunch. Their baked beans are good, too.
John P.
We tried the George Brett specialty sandwich and I can die a happy woman now. This was the best food truck I have ever had. Thank you, just thank you.
Katie D.